A Big-Bag (or a big bag, a bag package or a soft container) is a large-size package, designed for storing and transporting the bulk materials and of various origins, meeting the requirements of the EFIBC A (European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association) standards. The Big-Bag soft container may be used for storing both food and non-food products. The Big-Bag is a very convenient package for transportation. To ensure tight packing of the goods the containers may be supplemented with a polyethylene liner. There is a great variety of designs with different carrying capacity, number of lifting loops, availability of PE/PP liner, loading and unloading units, special dustproof seams and so on.

Физико-механические характеристики :

The Mega Рак LTD is a fully integrated manufacturer and produces customized Big-Bags of various designs. The price for Big-Bags is established based on the information as follows: - packed product - dense loaded density and weight of the product packed; - dimensions - design features of loading and unloading units; - availability of the PE/PP liner - loading height - additional requirements. Area of application: chemical industry, food industry, construction and other industries The products are in compliance with the TU 25.2-30532250-004-2001 requirements specification, “Polypropylene Products”, and are manufactured according to the operating schedule of the manufacturing facility, meeting the Public health regulations of Ukraine ( Safety and Health Certificate No. 05.03.02-04/17437 dated April 13, 2006 issued by the Dnipropetrovsk regional health inspection service).

Manufacturer warranty: The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of polypropylene bags with the requirements of these requirements specifications provided the conditions of their use, storage and transportation are met.




Carriage liner for bulk and bulk cargo transportation by rolling stock. The liner in the car is made of polymer materials. The carload liner is aimed at creating such technologies for concealing cargo in a gondola car that would isolate it from the external environment and localize the cargo, excluding chemical reactions of the product with the environment, its "natural" loss due to spillage or blowing. In addition, the carload liner is a bulk transportation method that prevents and makes unauthorized access to the product from the open side of the gondola car unacceptable, and also excludes its humidification under the influence of precipitation.

Физико-механические характеристики :


Controlled parameter Units of measure Indicators

Length mm 2000 ± 10

Width mm 1000 ± 25

Weight, g 252 ± 5

The frequency of weaving pcs / 10sm.tkani 38x38


Liner Bags liners for sea containers are used to transport more bulk materials. They can be used in all types of twenty- and forty-foot containers. The main parameters depend on the requirements of the customer. Unloading is possible with the help of a funnel, by using vacuum, etc. methods. Loading equipment: funnel, conveyor, pneumatic machines. Advantages of using container inserts: - optimum protection of transported products against pollution;

- easy installation (less than 10 minutes);

- increased transportation capacity, low costs;

- low weight

- the insert in a twenty-foot container weighs 7 kg A typical product is sugar, grain, other loose food and non-food products, granules, etc. In addition, inserts are produced in sea containers used for handling goods packed in bags, but with strong external impurities, fumes, odors. This type of Liner BAG is used to protect the inner surfaces of the sea container from harmful cargo.