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22000:2005                                                                                                         9001:2008



of the Company

Mega Pak LTD

Full name of the production activities – manufacture of polypropylene products.

Method of production – polypropylene tapes extrusion through the flat slit die followed by weaving of products.

Year of commissioning – 2000

The office building is made up of 4 floors of the total floor area of 9,216 square meters.

The production building includes 4 passages of 168 m х 96 m.

The total floor area of the production space is 16,128 square meters.

Structure of production:

  • raw materials storage site;
  • raw materials preparation site;
  • tape extrusion site;
  • woven hose production site;
  • hose lamination site;
  • sewing site;
  • big bags, liner bags and wagon liner bags sewing site;
  • hydro- and vapour-proofing site;
  • printing site;
  • packing and finished product storage;
  • waste recycling site.

Amount of process flows - 2

Design production capacity – 400 t/month


Characteristics of the products


Production of polypropylene packages for bulk food and chemical products of the range as follows:

  • polypropylene film-type tape;
  • fibrillated polypropylene tape;
  • polypropylene packing tape;
  • multifilament polypropylene tape;
  • woven polypropylene tape;
  • woven polypropylene sling;
  • woven polypropylene hose;
  • polypropylene bags;
  • string bags;
  • soft polypropylene containers;
  • liner bags, wagon liner bags
  • hydro- and vapour-proof film

Depending on the raw materials used for the production of polypropylene products and the type of products packed, the hoses, bags, string bags and containers are divided into grades as follows:

GRADE “А” – food type, for bulk food products (sugar, flour, starch, soda, dietary salt, etc.);

GRADE “B” – agricultural type, for agricultural products (potatoes, carrot, beet-root, etc.);

GRADE “C” – technical type, for construction materials (asbestos, cement, gypsum, kaolin, etc.) and chemical products (chemical fertilizers, industrial explosives).


Raw materials characteristics


Raw materials for the production of polypropylene products:

  • Raw materials acceptance control is carried out according to the GOST 24297-87 standard.
  • For the production of tape, which polypropylene hoses and woven package are further made of, the polypropylene with the melt flow rate MFR 3.0-4.0 g/10 min. is used of the grades as follows: 21030 (GOST 26996-86); А4-71Е; (TU U 54008400.01-97). For the lamination of polypropylene hoses the polypropylene of А10-79У (TU U 54008400.01-97), 21230 (GOST 26996-86) grades is used.
  • The grades mentioned above allow the contact with food products. The application of polypropylene of other grades is allowed provided that their characteristics meet the abovementioned ones.

Calcium carbonate as per GOST 8253-79

Colour concentrates for polypropylene


Process procedure


The workshop is equipped with the line of production of package made of woven materials.

The equipment layout plan, a list of the main technological operations and other technological parameters are listed below:

  • Tape extrusion.

Raw materials are delivered to the workshop from the warehouse.

Polypropylene tapes are produced on the extrusion machine according to the process flow diagrams attached, type JP 75 R 150, LOREX 1400.

  • Tapes winding on cores

  • Extrusion machine for multifilament tapes production.

The equipment ensures the production of multifilament tapes, used for sewing the bags, big bags, liner bags and wagon liner bags.

  • Hose weaving.

The tapes wound on the cores are transferred to the circular weaving looms:

types FX-6.0, Alfa-6.0, RX -8.0, HDN-4, HDN-6, FS -4, LSL-6, LENО – 2

The circular weaving loom type RX-8 is designed for the production of polypropylene hose of up to 2,250 mm

wide and the fabric with ultrasonic cutting, which is used for the manufacture of soft containers of the big bag type.


    Lamination site.

Laminating machine, type GP75CK1600. Lamination line is designed for the application of polypropylene film on the woven hose or fabric, produced on the circular weaving loom.

Thickness of the lamination coating is 18-45 μm.


  • Sewing site.

The sewing site includes: cutting and sewing of the hose according to the predetermined parameters.

The sewing site is equipped with an automatic line for cutting and sewing of bags made of the polypropylene hose, type CS-30,CS-30/EM,CS-30/SERVO.

Such functions as thermal cutting, button folding and sewing, automatic collection of finished bags make the process of bags production easier. The machine is equipped with a device for automatic opening of the bag inlet.

  • Flexoprinting site.

The flexographic printing machine is designed for one-two-three colour printing on finished polypropylene bags.

  • Big bags sewing site.

Depending on the area of application soft polypropylene containers are produced both laminated and non-laminated: single-sling, two-sling, four-sling, with a polyethylene liner inserted (blown-in) in the process of production, with open top, with an apron, a valve, with a packaging cord, with the sewn in internal  laminating fabric, with loading and unloading devices.


Equipment for the production of slings, straps and the dust-guard.

  • Additional details in big bags production are the strap, sling and the dust-guard, depending on the area of application of the big bag (that is, depending on the type of the product to be loaded).

    This type of products is manufactured on the needle loom.

• Rewinding machine for hydro- and vapour-proof film production. 

Hydro- and vapour-proof film is designed for prevention of the hot air convection transfer to the insulation, as well as of the aqueous vapour diffusion to the insulation. Hydro-proof film is designed for the insulation protection from moisture, which is formed in the roof void as condensed water, or from possible roofing leakage.
• Recycling site.
All the production wastes received as a result of rejection according to the technology based standards
Are recycled to the white and black granules on the recycling site.

There is a certified laboratory within the company facilities.
All incoming raw materials, as well as all semi-processed materials and finished products are subject to quality control in the company laboratory.


All the company products have certificates of compliance: as per GOSTs, TU, as well as safety and health certificates.

The company has the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certificates